Education: that which reveals to the wise,
and conceals from the stupid,
the vast limits of their knowledge.


Who we are

We create software for enterprise IT because that is the market and mindset we understand. We know how IT professionals think and what kind of tools they need.
We also know that typical enterprise software is unnecessarily complex to set up and way too difficult to operate.

We create enterprise software that people not only tolerate but actually like. Our products help IT pros be more efficient by giving them exactly what they need to get their jobs done; no more, no less. We can do that because we live and breathe enterprise IT; after all, we have done the job ourselves!




Our founder, Helge Klein, blogs and speaks at conferences. For these activities he has been awarded with leading industry awards: Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Splunk Revolution Award and VMware vExpert.

Much of the same applies to our employees. They help organize community conferences such as VCNRW which bring together the end-user computing community and are an invaluable opportunity to learn from and interact with industry experts.

What we do

Combining our deep knowledge of macOS/Windows internals with our understanding of enterprise IT, we have created a product that distills complex systems operations into meaningful high-quality metrics. Just what you need to get geeks excited and to make their management happy.

uberAgent is more than just monitoring. It is an indispensable tool for all phases of the IT lifecycle, from analysis to design, implementation, operations, and troubleshooting. uberAgent helps IT pros understand end-users without invading their privacy.

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Wir kommunizieren zwar viel auf englisch, aber die interne Firmensprache ist deutsch. Daher haben wir diesen Abschnitt deutsch gehalten.

macOS-Profi (C++)

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  • macOS
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Security Engineer - Windows Endpoints

  • Security
  • Windows
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